Materials Needed

  1. Heavy pair of dumbbells (For chest press)
  2. Light pair of dumbbells (For jumping lunges)
  3. A box or platform for box jumps
  4. Jump Rope


  1. Ice Skater Burpees
  2. Jumping Lunges
  3. Dumbbell Floor Chest Press
  4. High Box Jumps
  5. Jump Rope –ALWAYS = 100 reps

Round 1 = 20 reps
Round 2 = 18reps
Round 3 = 16 reps
Round 4 = 14 reps
Round 5 = 12 reps
Round 6 = 10 reps

The Workout

Don’t forget to warm up! The structure of this workout is perfect to keep you pushing yourself. The set you will be repeating throughout the workout is made up of 5 exercises. Begin each exercise with a total of 20 repetitions with exception of the jump ropes at the end; these will begin at 100 repetitions and be the same throughout every round. Your jump ropes are the only exercise that will not change repetition count. After you have finished the entire first round of the set, give yourself a strict one minute break and begin immediately on the second round with 18 reps for each exercise. Continue down the ladder until 10 repetitions of each exercise is finished.

The Challenge. Time yourself on each round and stop the clock immediately after you have completed 100 jump ropes. On the next round, beat your first round’s time. This of course is hard but obtainable because we are doing a total of 8 less repetitions in each of the following rounds.

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