Materials needed

  1. A pair of dumbbells, choose a heavier set and a lighter set
  2. For gaining muscle use heavy weight and my lower repetition workout
  3. For Toning and leaning down, use my lighter weight and high repetition workout
  4. A platform about 12 inches tall
  5. Warm-up – repeat 3 times
  6. 20 walking lunges on each side using bodyweight
  7. 20 squat to jumps using body weight
  8. The Workout

I have two versions of this workout. The first is for strictly leaning down and toning purposes and more for burning fat. We do this by using higher repetitions during our workout. The second is more for putting on lean muscle. During this version we will use heavier weight and lower repetitions for hypertrophy of the muscles. For each version, be sure to choose weight that is going to be very challenging for the last couple of repetitions in every exercise.
To complete this workout, you must finish 5 full rounds of the circuit. After one set of each exercise move on to the next exercise. Finish all five exercises to successfully complete each round.

For this Workout

  • To tone and lean down, use 20 repetitions with challenging weight
  • To build muscle and add size, use 8-12 repetitions with heavy weight

Set 1

  • Front squat to dumbbell shoulder press

Set 2

  •  Weighted straight leg deadlift

Set 3

  • Bulgarian split squats – Make sure to do all repetitions for both sides

Set 4

  • Curtsy squats – Make sure to do all repetitions for both sides

Set 5

  • Calf raises – Make sure to do all repetitions for both sides

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