Materials Needed:

  1. Your Body Weight


  1. Push-ups – progression = jumping pushups
  2. Reverse crunches
  3. Alternating jumping lunges
  4. Russian Twists – progression = with weight
  5. Slow mountain climbers
  6. 20 second plank – progression = longer plank ex: 1 minute

The Workout

Don’t forget to warm-up! This workout is meant to be a nonstop workout with low rest periods that really focuses on core and cardio. The less rest you take, the harder the workout will be.

The Format is simple 20-15-10-5. Start each exercise with 20 reps. Do all six exercises consecutively with as little rest as possible. When you have finished, move to round 2 which will be all six exercises at 15 reps EXCEPT plank which stays at 20 seconds.

Remember, if you would like a more challenging workout, begin at 30 reps and go all the way down to 5 reps and make the plank a full minute (6 round workout).

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