Bron Volney

Bron Volney

Hello! My name is Bron Volney, and I am a fitness professional and full-time NASM Certified Personal Trainer in Boston, Massachusetts. With my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Florida State University (FSU) where I have multiple years of assisted research experience in the Exercise Physiology Department, I have a deep understanding for what our bodies need to change for the best and what kind of training is required to drop fat and build lean muscle.

It’s been said that the key to success is to ‘do what you love and love what you do’. For me, being in the gym each and everyday is pure bliss. I strive to inspire and educate my clients, providing encouragement through my enthusiasm and love of helping others create healthy, happy lifestyles. My dedication to coaching my clients to achieve their goals and stay motivated is the ultimate satisfaction for me as a trainer.

Where it all Began

Following a lifetime of playing sports in both school and club teams, I began my career weight training at the age of 17. Soon after, I started fitness modeling and competitive bodybuilding. After going to watch my first competition in Tampa, Florida, I knew right then that I had found my calling. I was drawn to the amazing power, dedication and passion these men and women demonstrated when displaying their bodies. I began training with an experienced former professional bodybuilder by the name of Won Huh who coached me through the basics of posing and nutrition. I started to understand my own body and how it can change so dramatically with hard work, dedication, nutrition, and of course discipline. I have competed in three amateur bodybuilding competitions, all in the state of Florida, where I placed top three in each. I can be found featured on multiple fitness modeling websites including,, and was named Boston’s Hottest Trainer in 2013. In 2012, Details Magazine also named me one of the top fitness instructors in the US.

Empowering Today

I currently live in Boston, Massachusetts where training and coaching others to achieve their fitness goals has become a true love of mine. A Master Trainer at a popular Boston gym, I teach four to five high intensity full body classes per week, training people of all ages. No matter what your personal fitness goal is – from increasing muscle mass or losing weight to planning for a future vacation or wedding day – I am dedicated to helping my clients make their goal a reality with fun, interesting workouts.

I often hear future clients say they are unhappy and unsatisfied with their bodies and lifestyles. I like to assure people that it’s never too late to change this…working toward the body you always wanted is closer than you think! The start to a happy life is confidence in one’s own body, whether it is based on performance or looks. Your new lifestyle can be discovered through healthy eating and dedicated training. Through my coaching and dynamic workouts, people have changed their looks and have built confidence to seek their new lives.

Only when you meet your goal will I meet mine.

Bron Volney