It takes two hands for me to count the number of personal trainers I’ve had in my life, and in this space, that’s quite a lot.  Bron was the difference I was looking for.  I’ve never seen such amazing results.  Not only did he help me turn fat into the exact amount of tone I was looking for, but he made me improve my diet and lifestyle as well, which was critical for me to reach my goal of slimming down and actually feeling better.  Go to another personal trainer if you just want to bulk up or have a chaperone as you exercise.  Go to Broncorefitness if you want to actually achieve results and see the difference in your mirror when you wake up each day. I’ve never been so thankful towards a personal trainer in my life.

Matt Juszczak

I moved to Boston from Europe for work in January 2012. I wanted to take the opportunity to make a big change to my life, lifestyle, and health. Together with Bron, I started working out at the beginning twice a week in the gym. After I lost some pounds and my condition improved I felt more comfortable. I added running outside to my regular training plan and ran my first 5K this summer. Felt awesome. Now I do something to stay active at least every other day sometimes daily. We changed my diet, which helped me loose weight without feeling hungry at all and I lost 30 lbs., and 6 inches off my waist so far. My size has now decreased from XL to M but most important, I feel so much more healthy, energetic, and confident. I feel uncomfortable now when I am not able to exercise. This all would not be possible in only 11 month without his enduring help and support. Thank you Bron!

Marc T.


Knowledgeable. Supportive. Passionate. Bron demonstrates these qualities, and many more, exceeding all expectations one could have for a personal trainer. He radiates positive energy and has motivated me to become a fitter and healthier individual. Dedicated to his career, the workouts are dynamic, challenging, and effective. The resulting adrenaline rush, efflux of endorphins, and excitement will have you coming back for more. Having transformed my outlook on healthy living, I am forever grateful.

Christina Palmieri

Medical Field

Bron’s dedication to his clients is unmatched. His desire for my success shows through in every workout and his incredible energy has helped push me to be in the best shape of my life.

James P.


I have a high-intensity job and family situation. I work out to relieve stress.  Bron added boxing to my workouts and it has been a lifesaver for me!  Bron makes my workouts fun and keeps me sane.  He is very cheerful and encouraging trainer.  Just when I think I can’t do another exercise, he is there to keep me going so I can burn those calories!


Boston, MA

I deal with anxiety and stress by going to the gym and working out. If it wasn’t for Bron’s positive attitude and support I would never have kept up with going to the gym. Bron is an excellent trainer who goes above and beyond for his clients. Not only did he teach me how to work out and actually loose weight, but he took the time to help me learn how to eat better. Bron has helped me completely change my lifestyle and I live a happier and healthier life because of his dedication.

Caitlin B.

Event Operations Supervisor, Harvard Law School

What can I say about Bron? His knowledge, enthusiasm, and positive attitude are unmatched. After more than a year of training together, he still brings the same incredible energy and focus to EVERY SINGLE session. Seriously, every single one.

Nathan Doty

Ph.D. of Child Psychology

Bron’s amazing. He’s friendly and positive. Exercising with him is actually FUN! He’s really encouraging and patient and has managed to make me push myself further than I have in the past. He’s certified in TRX, which is AMAZING! I’ve been working with him for a year know and he’s done wonders. He tailors the workouts to me and changes them up so I don’t get bored. He also gives me recommendations on exercises to do in between sessions and advises me on nutrition. I don’t think I would have looked as good as I did at my wedding if it wasn’t for Bron.

Kory Zhao

Public Affairs

As a dietitian, I am always looking for well respected and successful personal trainers to send clients to. Many of my clients have done fabulous work with Bron, and have enjoyed his energy and positive attitude. I recommend Bron to all my adult clients looking for additional exercise support and motivation, he’s fabulous.

Skylar Griggs

Founder at Newbury St. Nutrition